Opening Hours / Prices

WINTER SEASON opening hours: 10-16 e 19-22
SUMMER SEASON opening hours: 10-22
(For Hotel Montana housed Guests, always 10-22)

31st December – Daily 10-16. Evening 19-1:30 on reservation only. 01st January – Orario 12-16 e 19-22 (12-22 for Hotel Montana housed Guests).

Because of COVID-19, Montana Wellness is temporary suspended for non-hosed Guests. We will re-open as soon as possible.

Each access includes a big sponge towel for pools and cotton fouta towel for saunas.

RENT: bathrobe and kids poncho € 6,00; extra cotton fouta towel or sponge towels € 3,00
SELL: flip-flops € 5,00; swimsuit (man/woman) from € 19,00

  • Dressing/locker room men/women, with toilet, shower, hair dryier; Changing table for babies;
  • Lockers, spaces for disabled people, spaces for kids;
  • We invite all our Guests to respect silence and keep a low tone of voice in all Montana Wellness areas. Diving in the swimming-pools is not allowed.


Single Daily Access (per person)

€ 18,00

Single Evening Access (per person, 19-22)

€ 13,00

10 Daily Access Card

€ 129,00

10 Evening Access Card

€ 99,00

  • Minimum age for wet area access: 16 years old.
  • The Daily Access includes Swimming-pool and Wet Area access.
  • Swimsuit is mandatory, except on Sunday and Wednesday
  • Turkish Bath (40°C-100%H), Finnish Sauna (90°C-20%H), Soft Sauna (60°C-40%H).
  • Spa Suite on reservation only, max 4 people; towels and spa kit with shampoo and body soap included, sauna (70°C-20%H).
  • Beauty treatments on reservation only; massages and rituals includes a herbal tea at the end.

Swimming Pool

Swimming pool with whirlpools, effervescent beds, hydrorelax beds, kids swimming pool.

Daily Access

€ 8,00

  • Children up to 8 years old are FREE if together with a paying adult.
  • Shower and anti-micotic feet washing is required before entering the swimming pools.
  • Diving is strictly forbidden. It’s not allowed to enter in any Montana Wellness area wearing shoes.
  • Swimsuit is always mandatory in the swimming pools; bathing capi s not required.
  • Deepest pool is 1,35 m
  • Water temperature is 32-34°C.
  • Water wings for children: on request € 3,00.